Starship Junkyard


The customers

There are some shady customers looking to buy used starships in this part of the galaxy. 


The sales people characters

With a sales team like these has-been superstars, it is amazing any sales get made at all!


The selling

Ir doesn't matter if you are in sales or not, you'll crack up at the ridiculous selling phrases these sales people come up with. 

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Who would enjoy Starship Junkyard?


It's a fun friends and family game

Have an hour and need a little enjoyment?  Starship Junkyard is great for a quick family game or a few laughs at the local game night. You'll enjoy this. 


Great for company team building and training

Never do another trust fall again! Never have another boring team building day.  Take two hours with your sales or customer service team and watch them laugh and tease and smile...and bond!



Play this with your marketing or economics class. Middle School, High School, or College... your class will learn more about sales, marketing and business leadership in an hour playing Starship Junkyard, than in an entire semester in an internship. 

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Starship Junkyard can get a little loud

From our tournament at The Craft Beer Cellar in Columbia, MO . Nov. 5, 2018.  No players were injured in the filming of this hand. 

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Playing on Dec, 6, 2018

at the contest for Best Salesperson in Columbia, MO and the Galaxy. Tough competition. None of the contestants had played Starship Junkyard previously. They caught on quickly and laughed a lot.