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Crynebulon studios at a working session with The Evoke Group

We are cooking up more zany ideas that will bring laughter to the world.  Contact us if you'd like to test a few of our concepts. 

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Starship Junkyard. the card game

Starship Junkyard is for sale on The Game Crafter website now. Players love it. Do not play this in an area where quietness is required.  

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Starship Junkyard, the card game

The Premise

A bunch of has-been sales superstars who have fallen on tough times are stuck on some lousy planet in a corner of the galaxy no one cares about fighting with each other over commissions they earn from selling used starships. 

The Story

It was Game Jam 3 sponsored by REDI in Columbia, MO. Four guys got together to create a silly and fun sales training game. Oh boy, did they.  Three of the original team went on to complete the game and form  Crynebulon Studios.

The Game

Please do not buy this game if you are not sure how well you and your friends and colleagues get along with each other. Do not play this game where quietness is required. Other than that, you are on your own.

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